Monday, March 16, 2009


Caught myself thinking about the old days

I've come a long, long way.


Now, I am not as pissed about the greater glories of life. Well, these things were what I thought would make my life a lot better. But when you take time and really think about it, having them would still be nice but they're things that I could live "happily" without (for now).

Just last year, and the previous ones, things never seem to fail to frustrate me. Every person, every event, every place.. seemed to suck. Those "dreams" that I set made most everything an object of discontent.


Again, just like always, realization hit. And again, it was just me and my impatient ways!

Yes, impatience sucks the fun out of life.

Not having a car,
Not having your own house,
Not having millions to spend,
Not landing with the job I love,

And yet again, I see God's hand at work.

Can't we not wait? We can. And while you're at it, why don't you make it as enjoyable as possible? :)

Just some thoughts...

And there's this new show on TV, I don't really watch it. ehehe. But I just love their ad, saying, "Take life one dare at a time".


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