Saturday, April 25, 2009

Canibad: The Already Not-So Hidden Paradise

Black Sabbath and Easter Sunday was spent with the family at Canibad. Though the place still remains unserviced with basic amenities such as power lines and commercial water supply, it has come along way from the 'Hidden Paradise' that it once was known.

Arriving atop the limestone roads leading to the enthralling shores of Canibad, you'd readily notice a lot of signage pointing you down the way. Today, you can opt to make use of cement slabs that could pass as stairs for a small fee. :)

And further down, the beach is already lined by humble resorts.

The highlight of our trip was exploring the coasts, passing through rough coasts studded with odd shaped boulders, beautiful and large wood drifts, pebbly to sandy beaches and several private resorts which could pass as classy. :)

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Here are some of our pics:


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