Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Food for the Soul

I've been fighting hard to stay focused these past few days.

And for most days, I have failed miserably... giving in to attending less important to the most trivial matters as they are much enjoyable to do.

:) But what I'm gonna share is not really related to what I have just been blabbering about.

Clickety... click
Clickety... click

Goes my fingers punching their way through the keyboard.

My mind wanders while I try to get my writing juices simmering. From the blast of my nanay's television, which is uncomfortably loud and situated just some inches away from where my computer is situated, goes the advice of Gary V. to a player of a game show.

I'll be rephrasing as I'm not sure of the exact words but the message was really nice:

The player was deciding whether to give up the game and be contented with the amount currently in the pot and playing more for a chance to hit the jackpot of risk losing everything.

"If you think that the 'amount' is already good, then you can go ahead end the game. But whichever decision you end up with, remember that God is in control."

:) nice


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