Thursday, April 2, 2009

In Loving Memory of Lazaro Pineda Bueza Sr.

It's been over a week now, since my tatay's burial. And today was the last of the "PaSyam". These past weeks have been a whirlwind of events. After my backpacking trip throughout Mati to Tagum, an uneventful accident happened. I went home with a bruised and swelling face, and a few hours after my arrival, tatay died.

Throughout the "lamay", many memorable occurrences still poured in. But these episodes paled in comparison to the death of my dear tatay. I'm turning 25 and this marks the first death among the people that are close to me, friends and family.

I was asked to write the Eulogy of tatay. And that time, while writing, was one of the most emotional hours of my life.


Behind that domineering figure is a loving father, grandfather, brother and friend to all of us. Lazaro Pineda Bueza Sr., adoringly known as Tatay Zaro is a tatay in every sense of the word. Though he was known to be a great disciplinarian, his fatherly ways earned him more endearment than fear. And as grandchildren and great grandchildren came, he became the magic and mischief that that made each childhood as memorable. I'm sure each one of you here today has some good memories on ho0w our Tatay has touched your life.

In the family, Tatay was the pillar of righteousness, wisdom and strength. No words could ever give justice to the totality of what he overcame in his lifetime. A God-fearing man, he has imparted a good sense of religiousity to each member of the family. A wise man, he brought up some of the world's greatest fathers and mothers. A strong man, he fought hard to survive the claws of death. From his hospitalization, to becoming bed-ridden; he endured all these to lessen the blow of his loss... To not let his loved ones hurt as much. But still, we grieve for we lost one great man...

One great Tatay.

May the legacy of Tatay live through each one of you here, sharing his last moments now. Who we are and what you see today was a prosuct of his love and hardwork. Wherever he is, I'm sure he is happy and contented as he left us knowing we are loved.


I have also recorded a song, my nasal (trying hard not to cry on certain points) version of Paglisan. Nothing fancy pero gikan sa kasing-kasing, para kay Tatay...

Paglisan by Aweng.wav -

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    Condolence Elvs :C

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