Saturday, April 25, 2009

Looking Back: Backpacking Beyond the North

As I have mentioned in an older post, I have also had the chance to go backpacking.

Before traveling, I got the chance to enjoy a night of laughter with some of the family: nanay, mama, papa, ate helen, igie and megan, and my sister vessie.

First stop: San Francisco, Agusan del Sur- a quaint locality amidst some good stretch of greeneries- hills and rice fields.

I'm not really good at memorizing names- people or places- unless they have made a distinct mark.

So here goes some of those I remembered:

San Isidro- where we indulged in sumptuous crabs at 75 pesos a dish- imagine that! :)

Sigaboy- it's not really the actual place that made me remember it but the glorious lands of natural bounty that lies along the road leading to the place. Passing through, some patches made me think of luxurious Mountain Golf Resorts that I used to write about. :) Amazing.

Mati and it's sleeping dinosaur or sleeping dragon (shrugs) I heard people use either.

Pantukan where we visited relatives of my husband including the bub Queenie.


Pindasan and its collection of beautiful beach resorts.

A side-trip overnight at Samal.

Etc., etc.,

The photos that I have taken- there's not much scenes to see, mostly me and my hubby :)


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