Saturday, April 25, 2009

Robin Hood: A Facebook App

:) Yes, this has been what's keeping me busy while I count the days away, anticipating the coming trip to Manila.

It has even kept me from doing a lot of the routine stuffs I do. I even find it hard to work without opening another tab to check on my Stamina if I have gained some to be able to fight other Bands.

It all started with another app. It was either (Lil) Green Patch or Owned, can't really remember. But I needed to try this app to get more credits.

Loved it. And now I'm hooked. I now have 37 in my band :) Good thing, I did some researching.

Because I so loved the game, I got really frustrated sending out invites and not really getting anybody to try the app and join my band. And so, I Scoured the world-wide web for an idea and I have found it. I found a discussion of Robin Hood fanatics who are willing to have me as a member of their bands, and them in mine.

You can search and checkout Robin Hood Groups and Pages in Facebook. Join, and post "add me's" to the Wall. In a matter of minutes, your band will be numbers more.

Here's the official page of Robin Hood, become a fan and have access to a network of active players who, like you, are so into the game..

Other groups/pages:

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  1. Aweng Moral - Basco said...
    Hello Robinhood and Vampire Wars players, a great place to grow your band or clan will be joining them groups. People wanting to join bands/clans will be posting their invite links at threads. Add as many as you can in a day until you reach 501.

    Happy gaming! :)

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