Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Trouble with Sony Cybershot DSC-T3

It was really just some stupid mistake I've overlooked. But nevertheless, it took me three computers to realize... duh! And this could also happen to you, and so I share.

We, the family, spent our Holy Weekend at Cannibad and had a blast exploring the coasts, taking pictures along the way. I borrowed from my Aunt the digital camera used, wanting to have copies of the said photos. It was a Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-T3.

So here was the glitch...

When the the digital camera was connected to the computer through its cable, the Memory Stick appears in My Computer. But it only contains a Notepad- Bootex file and DCIM and MISC files which just prompts a DOS environment everytime I click on them. After I tried it on my Acer mini-laptop, it does the same...

I even tried downloading some softwares which still did not work...

My Aunt also sent her Compaq laptop to me because the thing does not connect properly to the Internet. I tried the same process with the digicam and there I saw, faint figures of DCIM and other folders.

So that was it! There really wasn't any problem. Just that the folders are hidden and my computer and laptop was not set to show hidden files. Hehehe

Well, this might also happen to others, and it might even happen to you.


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