Monday, July 27, 2009

The Best Question Ever...

Last Sunday, I got to attend service at the Victory Christian Fellowship :)

It all started out with the photo of Jonelie with the huge Kid's Church Logo. I contacted her to ask about the place and how I can get my kids to join.

Moms just want the best for their kids. And for me, most of the time, what I do for their good ends me working on what's good for me too.

So I got them into Kid's Church, and I got ushered into the service. Last Sunday was my second time. I sang and prayed with them Christians, and I wrote on the donation envelope before offering it that I wanted them to help me pray for "Direction- career-wise and life in general."

And the topic of the service? "The Best Question Ever..."

It is said to be the one question to get you through all those other questions life throws at you.

Often times when we are at the brink of making decisions, we tend to base our evaluations on less effective filters. Temptation gets the best of us and leads us into self-deception. We readily make excuses for choosing to do the wrong thing thinking: Nobody's going to be hurt, I can quit anytime I want, Nobody's ever gonna know, I'll just do this once... etc.

Sounds family kaayo noh? Hahaha. If words were stones, pastang dagkua nako'g bukol...

Then we came to the Best Question Ever and it is: "What is the wise thing to do?"

And this comes in three variations:

  • "In light of my past experiences, what is the wise thing to do?"
  • "In light of my present circumstances, what is the wise thing to do?", and
  • "In light of my future hopes and dreams, what is the wise thing to do?"
Hopefully, these takes me where I ought to be...

God willingly...


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