Monday, August 24, 2009

Election is Near

Sad to say, many officials that have been put into power by Filipino citizens remain just politicians and have not gotten to the point of becoming honest public servants. I have taken these photos some weeks back while we- my family together with my in-laws, went to Pantukan to visit relatives.

The scene brought back memories of a road construction here in San Miguel. It was in 2007, and I asked my mother why the work was being done, she answered that because the election was nearing.

Early this year up until now, I've again witnessed a lot of these road works. I have heard a lot of talk from bus drivers and commuters alike... phrased in many other ways but hold one common thought and this is: "lucky if the road gets finished before election, if not, I'm sure it will be left incomplete." And this is how a lot of government work ends up.

Just as cold breezes conjures the nearing of Christmas, these projects also spell names of nagpapapoging politicians.

The saddest part is that this has almost become a tradition.

Watch daily news and you'll witness how the grand circus is slowly being staffed up for the coming Big Show and that is the coming 2010 election.

Amidst all the chaos brought forth by dirty politicians, it's still good to know that the society is slowly realizing that they can do something. The media, youth and other organizations propagating goodwill and progress are working towards igniting more hearts, convincing more minds, and leading more souls... to do what is right and that is participating in the election and voting the right public servants.. not just politicians.

I long to get my fingers dirty again!


  1. Vicente D. Caputo said...
    jeje, philipines is like colombia in mahyn ways!!! good writing, hugs from here!
    Aweng Moral - Basco said...
    Hey there, Good to hear from you. I'm not very familiar with colombian politics.. but our countries certainly were colonized by the Spanish somewhere in time. Thanks Vicente.

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