Sunday, September 13, 2009

Free Blog Publishing Services

Once upon a time, I have created a blog with a website offering free blogs..

So I registered and got my blog running.. I have already published a good number of articles when one day...

I got myself pumped up with inspiration and itching to write another travel article... I typed in the first few letters of the website address and had my task hastened by autosave.. Clicked on the URL and POOF "This web page is parked FREE courtesy of"

And where my files went? Nada! I have tried contacting admin about how I could retrieve my files... no reply whatsoever.

This incident happened a long time ago.

I was just browsing through travel articles (planning on a Gumasa trip), then I remembered my once "travel blog". Gone with the wind.

So if you are thinking of creating one free, go for tried and tested names- Wordpress, Blogger, etc. Good luck to those planning on new blogging endeavors and hopefully you won't have to face this same problem that haunts me.



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