Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Now that's leadership!

From the early evening news up late tonight, the loudest buzz revolves around the backing down of Senator Mar Roxas from the Presidential race to give way to the call of the Masses and that is to have NoyNoy Aquino run for President.

Filipinos have long since been known for their conservative and at times far-out traditions. "It runs in the blood" may now be the best dominating cliché to spell out how the people feel-wanting to have another Aquino get a shot at turning Philippine politics around. And indeed, our deep-rooted and great love for our family can make us do such huge things, good or bad. In Noy's case, I honestly have thought he'd give Pilipinas a good fight if he gets that chance at Presidency. We Filipinos have this great devotion to our family, specifically our moms. I believe that Noy and I share this with the majority of the population and I have faith that this reverence to the legacy that both Ninoy Aquino and Cory Aquino have memorably left will be what will push Noy to be at his best.

It was such a noble thing to do for Mar Roxas. In his press conference, though he did not announce running alongside Noy as Vice President, he left word of not leaving him. Tomorrow, it will be Noy's turn to hold a press conference and we'll probably hear their party's decision by then.

Senator Kiko Pangilinan, of the same party and the original bet for VP, also made a statement to the media that he would be ever willing to do what is best for nation.

It feels, so amazing. Throughout the "on and off" years of trapo where most political leaders are only driven by their ambition, these men are truly some breath of fresh air.

ito ang gusto ko
ito ang gusto ko
ito ang gusto ko
karapatan pang tao
ito ang gusto ko
ito ang gusto ko
ito ang gusto ko
ito ang gusto ko

Sa buhay kong ito, ito ang gusto ko!
~ Francis M.


  1. Aweng Moral - Basco said...
    I have been to forums and group discussions... Some doubt whether what Mar did was right. Have faith people. This is not just about who is a better leader. What matters most is that, they are in UNITY! United to serve us, the public, better. Now, stop criticizing and all those bickering.
    thisisGod'sdaughter said...
    Right. I agree with you, Weng. It was a noble thing to do in Mar's part. When he and Korina publicized their engagement on Wowowee which I think is an unnecessary thing to do,I wanted to scream at the top of my lungs, "Power hungry!" It was an obvious move to presidency. But when news came of his giving way to Noynoy, I thought it was a gentlemanly thing to do. He is not that power hungry after all. There is hope for Philippines after all.=)

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