Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Though we have different tastes, my Hubby and I share this love for food. We love eating out and I love trying out new stuffs and places.

On one of our out-of-town trips, I spotted Marina Tuna Seafoods Restaurant- situated along the rustic avenues of Lanang. Since then I've wanted to try the resto out.

The food was pricey and we got what we paid for. Yum.. yum is all I can say. :) So the food was the delicious, but the rest about Marina Tuna Seafoods Restaurant was not as delightful. First off, the employees were not at all attentive. However case does not apply to all as some table from ours there was this foreigner dining out- the waitress was all-out helpful but she was not as helpful when it came to catering to our orders. Do we not pay the same rate or was she hoping to get some tip? When you call on somebody, it takes too much time for them to respond and the most irritating thing about it is that they were doing nothing..

You can call the place ok- it was clean, and the seafood aquarium added a touch of market-feel (a good one) to it. For me, there was not much thought put into the Interior. The place had no personality. The tables and chairs alone were crowded enough, so much more if it were filled with people. It was hard to move around.

I believe that what you payfor dining out does not cover the food cost alone but the entire dining experience.

So, Marina Tuna Seafoods Restaurant - great food and it ends there.


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    Bravo, what phrase..., a brilliant idea
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    Thanks :)

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