Saturday, December 19, 2009

Dec. 15, 2009

Davao City Special School

Surprise! Surprise!
What I knew was that Lian was among the angels... period.

Arriving late, and everybody waiting (hehehe), I was surprised when she went straight to the front. Oh, me! My pretty baby- Allysa Beyoncé (Lian), was the emcee. I was never good at speaking publicly and I was so happy to see her reading the script hahaha.

After the long formality, then came the presentation of the whole class. Again, she was in front holding the wand I made her, in silky white.. hair braided around her head like a double halo next the golden piece she was wearing. With feathery wings stiff against her back, she started to prance along the floor waving her wand as she goes round and round. Then she stopped by her teacher's side then again... she read.

She was the narrator, and from the first few lines I knew that she was the Star... the little bright star that led the wise men to the stable where Christ was born... the Star of Bethlehem.

While sitting there afront, holding my digital cam to record, I realized I have not known... All I knew was she was playing the part of an angel. Guess I'm still bad at communicating huh? :)

But nevertheless, she looked and fitted the part... she's a star... my precious star.

Here's a video of the last part of the last part of the presentation...

Dec. 17, 2009
Matina Baptist Child Care Learning Center

Another party...

Lately I've been needing some good organizing badly! Having slept by the break of dawn, I frantically woke up at 8 in the morning remembering that I have not yet gotten my boy his gift. It's been a tradition in the school that instead of kinder students exchanging gifts, moms and dads give their child a gift. Good thing my mom was by to get something and reminded me that the party was still by 1pm. Then the morning came in a blur... gotten myself busy with procrastinated tasks... (so Aweng). Lunch time, I went to Centerpoint which was just several blocks away.

Went from shop to shop, then I finally found Dylan's favorite... Bumblebee of Transformers. Waiting in line to pay, I prepared my bill... Uh oh... There were just 2 fifties, 1 twenty, and lotsa coins.. Effin engerts!

Time check: NO TIME! Dashed back to the toy alley and grabbed the very first robot that can be bought with the cash I got on-hand.

Fast forward: Got to school. Not late- but did we CRAM. (again, so Aweng).

I've always taken pride on how my bambino- John Nathaniel (Dylan), buzzes with that passion to perform. And another thing that this event made me realize was how good he was at memorization. With just several repetitions, he was able to recite back to me his part while we were practicing at home. : )

Here's the presentation:

So there was singing, dancing, speeches, even story-telling, and the meal...

I forgot all about the gift.

I dreaded seeing him frustrated!

The gifts were distributed. Then the big announcement came, "Time to open the gifts". Remote controlled cars, shiny red fire trucks... my heart sank. Then my boy came to me.. told me... "Mama pa-kiss", after that sweet kiss, he whispered his thanks. And he went running back to his friends, playing - not minding that his gift was smaller and less fancier than theirs.

I so misjudged.

God I love my kids!
Salamat Lord!

**Other videos you can watch at my YouTube Channel..


  1. thisisGod'sdaughter said...
    awwwwww...cute kids,weng!im so proud of you and even if dili ko nila ninang, im so proud of them!=)
    Aweng Moral - Basco said...
    salamat ric, appreciated kaayo :D
    Anonymous said...
    It seems to me, you are not right
    Aweng Moral - Basco said...
    Hey Anonymous,

    That's interesting.

    Care to share what you think is not right? I'm sure I do not know you personally but I would love to hear your thoughts out.

    Maybe you've got some great insights (or none).

    Anyways, thanks for stopping by.

    Have a good life.
    ;) Aweng
    Anonymous said...
    In my opinion here someone has gone in cycles
    My Bambino said...
    Great Post.....

    I found your site on stumbleupon and read a few of your other posts. Keep up the good work. I just added your RSS feed to my Google News Reader. Looking forward to reading more from you down the road!

    Thanks for sharing....
    Aweng Moral - Basco said...
    @ My Bambino

    Thanks. :)

    Just became your fan on Facebook.
    Anonymous said...
    I want not acquiesce in on it. I regard as nice post. Especially the designation attracted me to read the whole story.
    Aweng Moral - Basco said...
    thanks :)

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