Thursday, March 11, 2010

Home is Where the Heart Is

A man travels the world over in search of what he needs and returns home to find it.
~George Moore

Time and again, I find myself longing to pursue all things I have wanted... all things I have long since dreamed for. But when I stop to think about how much their achievements bring me such pride and joy, I quietly smile and tell myself everything's more than worth it.

It's exam week for Lian. We worked much harder today than we did yesterday. Math is her weakness, the rest are ok as long as she does not get careless (like I always was). Dylan's was a week ago and I already have my proof of excellence with scores shouting "You're a Winner Mom!" hahaha ;)

I'm sure the commencement would be another proud-momma event for me. :D

Having finished off an article, I had the urge to look through profiles...

Then somewhere along somebody's album-not sure what got me thinking but my hyper-active mind brought "success" to my attention. I remembered what I thought about a supposedly
inspiring article I have just edited about success being all about happiness and not how huge your net worth is. Hmmm... while reading, I thought the author was just defensive - maybe he was frustrated and sometimes it's easier to crack philosophical whatsis to make up for the failures. Well, I do so a lot. And when the frustration reaches neck high, that'll be the time you'll hear some guru out of me. Ask my friends, I'm a natural pilosopo. Hehehe.

Kidding aside, I do get deep and philosophical at times like these.

I have had plans. Well we all should do. But somehow, somewhere, the trip went bad. These past few months have been the most financially challenging days of my married life. :) So plans changed... again.

But I have faith that my time will come. For now, I've got to make the most of what I have. I have a home with beautiful, bright kids that gets me my dose of everyday natural high - good or bad trip, i love them. So far, in my lifetime knowing how good my kids are doing is one of the best
feelings I have ever felt. It always wants to make me cry.

o, while everybody is out there making a name for themselves and chasing the rainbows of their dreams that they believe would complete their being. I remain at home, enduring the pains and lavishing at the joys of motherhood. At least I am whole.

Soon I will be chasing rainbows, but let me build the foundations for them first. And when that time comes when I get to pursue my dreams, I would be doing that without a worry in mind.
Their success is mine, and I know the time will come when I get to make them proud as they have made me so.


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    Nikoya said...
    Very nice blog and family pics... :)
    Ben Harding said...
    Quite inspiring, Keep it up.
    Philosophical Christian said...
    It looks like you have a beautiful family and home. :)

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